Trying to work out what this is

The past term, I’ve been doing Knowledge Management Techniques, and Knowledge and Organizational Learning learning at school. Its been pretty interesting for two reasons. Firstly its the exact same basic ideas, but seen from different viewpoints. KMT is IT based and focuses more heavily on the processes – the *explicit* knowledge side of things, probably cause most IT guys tend to sooner or later do things from experience more than from documentation. KOL is from the management side and tends to be about sucking up that tacit knowledge and converting it to explicit knowledge, so focuses quite heavily on people.

I suppose that all that thinking/doing got me off my ass to get this site up, considering I’ve had the VPS it runs on for over a year, and the domain for about six months, but the other thing was that I’ve been more focused on other things.

When starting on a project, its always useful to have some idea of what its about. This isn’t going to be a talk about my life blog. This is going to be about technology, and my interface with it. I want to talk about keyboards, and mice, or new software from a pragmatic user viewpoint. I’m more interested in how it fits than massive technical discussions on how mouse A does perfect doughnuts, while mouse B dosen’t.

I want to be half as awesome as tested ;p.

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