Getting a dark, non monochrome theme for ttrss

Yeah, this is primarily for my own reference in case I need to rebuild but it might be useful for someone else. The night theme in ttrss is actually *meant* for night time use, and the developer has *gradually* added support for images to be monochrome. I use it all the time, and want colour. The fix is simple – open up preferences and customise your stylesheet and copy and paste the following lines in. The important bits are the “greyscale(0)” (they’re set to 1) and this overrides the default setting.

On current versions – as of 2018 I use this. There’s a bit that supposedly is meant for firefox that I totally yanked out and seems to work.

body.claro.ttrss_main .cdm .cdmContentInner img,
body.claro.ttrss_main .cdm img.tinyFeedIcon,
body.claro.ttrss_main .cdm .cdmFooter img,
body.claro.ttrss_main #feedTree img,
body.claro.ttrss_main .postContent img {
	filter: grayscale(1);
	-webkit-filter: grayscale(1);


On older versions

body#ttrssMain .cdm .cdmContentInner img,
body#ttrssMain .cdm img.tinyFeedIcon,
body#ttrssMain .cdm .cdmFooter img,
body#ttrssMain #feedTree img,
body#ttrssMain .postContent img {
filter: grayscale(0);
-webkit-filter: grayscale(0);
filter: url("data:image/svg+xml;utf8, }

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