Got Fedora 21 working on the HP stream…

And it was a minor pain. Everything is supported out of the box (even the emmc that makes older kernels apparently pitch a fit) *except* the trackpad.For some reason fedora (kde?) dosen’t support touch pads out of the box, and I didn’t have a spare mouse handy. Its detected but a pain to configure without a mouse

I did the install from a liveusb to another liveusb, using the keyboard to select between install options, then realised I could fire up a launcher with alt-f2, and use that to enable tapping to click. Still working out how to do clicking to click (since the touchpad is clicky).

Wireless, bluetooth, most shortcut buttons and the like work fine. Even airplane mode (which I need to see if I can disable in linux since its the same key as my dropdown terminals!)


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