New Server Smell!

While I’ve been happy with my previous hosting (I was using a 256mb VPS on buyvm with offloaded sql), I’ve also been running a few other services for my own use on a VM a friend let me use on his dedi. I was holding out for something reasonably cheap (I’m paying about 16 euros, or 30 sgd for this right now), and not too shitty.

I’ve got an 8 core avato, 8gb of ram, and a 1tb hdd and  paid another 2 euros a month for another IP. This blog (and a few other services) will be running on the VM, while I’m keeping the physical box for a few other things. This should let me do quick reboots of the VM box if need be, and easier backups and moves in future.  I’ve got other plans for the rest of the server.

This is pretty neat.

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