Month: November 2018

  • Setting up Ipv6-pd with dnsmasq on a linux router

    This follows on from my last post, and is basically a distillation of this excellent post on Super User.  These steps will work with Starhub Fibre ipv6 or any other provider who does IPv6 PD I found I *didn’t* need to set up a few things the way he did  and there were a few […]

  • Setting up a basic Linux router with Ubuntu 18.04 and firewalld.

    I’ve made a few choices that fit around my own preferences (firewalld) and problems I faced (bridgeutils and the classic network interfaces over bridging) This is as much a cookbook as a guide Picking hardware is easy. I got a system that was overkill – but basically there’s a ton of decent options. You’d want […]