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  • Setting up a hurricane electric tunnel with a linux router

    This assumes that you have a working router as per my older post . This can work behind a nat (though I ended up DMZing this router) in some circumstances. This distils grawity’s excellent post on superuser – in the context of this setup (which has a few quirks), and some broader context You’ll need […]

  • Setting up Ipv6-pd with dnsmasq on a linux router

    This follows on from my last post, and is basically a distillation of this excellent post on Super User.  These steps will work with Starhub Fibre ipv6 or any other provider who does IPv6 PD I found I *didn’t* need to set up a few things the way he did  and there were a few […]

  • Setting up a basic Linux router with Ubuntu 18.04 and firewalld.

    I’ve made a few choices that fit around my own preferences (firewalld) and problems I faced (bridgeutils and the classic network interfaces over bridging) This is as much a cookbook as a guide Picking hardware is easy. I got a system that was overkill – but basically there’s a ton of decent options. You’d want […]

  • And another iteration of bias lighting.

    While it “works” – there’s various minor issues, and iterations of my bias lighting setup.  More brightness is always nice, and I’d like to combine the ability to power it off my PC, with a few additional features. I’d like to turn it off. I went with a cheap, commodity remote controlled relay – a MTDZ007. […]

  • The internet kinda sucks.

    I’ll entirely admit this is *partially* inspired by this MSE post. And a certain desire to move off purely “This is a neat thing that I did” that this blog has been (even if I need to do an updated ttrss install guide). And well, I’m not a marketing guy. I’m also not your typical […]

  • And… systemd for dummies. Its not that terrible

    Writing init scripts is a pain in the rear. Upstart was better but badly documented. And for all the fruit thrown at it, systemd isn’t that bad when it comes to the end user experience. I’ve been using supervisord to run the update daemon for ttrss. I’ve upgraded from 14.10 to 16.10, and supervisord broke. […]

  • How I back up Part 2: The tools

    System level backups are pretty much something everyone *needs* to do. While windows has had a bit of a mixed history on this (The current system imaging tool on windows 10 is from windows 7), there’s excellent third party tools to do this. I’m not really going to go into massive detail on these since […]

  • How I do backups – Part One: The Theory

    Writing this up cause someone was asking me about it, and its one of those things that I’m actually pretty proud of. Its however a slightly complicated setup, involving many pieces of hardware and software working together. I’ll be starting with what I expect out of my backup setup, and an overview of how its […]

  • the 4K revolution is coming, and it will be televised (eventually)

    Until recently, I had a boring, run of the mill 1600×900 display. It worked well enough, it was a decent gaming monitor, and well, I didn’t really see anything that made me go wow. I figured I’d go for one of the korean displays Jeff Atwood seemed so fond of eventually and maybe an inexpensive […]

  • New Server Smell!

    While I’ve been happy with my previous hosting (I was using a 256mb VPS on buyvm with offloaded sql), I’ve also been running a few other services for my own use on a VM a friend let me use on his dedi. I was holding out for something reasonably cheap (I’m paying about 16 euros, […]