New hardware Mini Review: The HP Stream 11

I’m not sure if the netbook is a Phoenix rising from the ashes or a zombie. The very small, low powered system with a *proper* keyboard is pretty handy, and while I won’t go as far as calling tablets a fad, a fancy touch screen is no match for a proper keyboard IMO. I tend […]

Adventures with homeplug AV

(I’m talking about a bunch of different hardware here and as such, I’ve chosen to link the specific devices in question. These are things I bought, and have used, and I’m linking these as a reference in case people are curious) I’ve been working on fixing a few annoyances I’ve had with my home network.There […]

A tale of two and a half phones

After yet another internet disconnection (at random) on my HTC one V, and needing to reboot it, I ended up deciding to get a new phone. I wish I could say I made an informed decision based on my needs and requirements I didn’t want to pay too much for it (since I’d be buying […]

Product Review – The Fisher Audio FA-003 TI

This pair of headphones and I have a long, convoluted history. I bought it on the recommendation of two of my friends who have the non TI model (and they bought it based off my research when I was looking at replacing my ATH M50). Lets start with the trivial stuff.   This alone is […]


Upgraded my VPS (which this runs on) to a newer ubuntu LTS – this was suprisingly simple. My database is hosted elsewhere so that was a non issue (I need to do a test of the migration process at some point). As such all I needed to do was copy /var/www and /etc/ (though I […]

How I learnt to love multiple partitions

I’ve never been a fan of the oldschool linux way of seperating parts of the file system – keeping /home might make sense, but I generally went with a single, large drive. Ironically, on windows, I’ve chosen to go for a non traditional file hierarchy of boot+applications, storage and transient files on seperate drives, and […]

LED Lights… Making the switch

We just replaced nearly all the lights here with LED bulbs – turns out that they make drop in replacements for the circular florescent lamps we’ve used for ages, and swapping them out was pretty simple. We went with a company called gopro (yes, its ungooglable) distributed by a local company called song cho – […]

Trying to work out what this is

The past term, I’ve been doing Knowledge Management Techniques, and Knowledge and Organizational Learning learning at school. Its been pretty interesting for two reasons. Firstly its the exact same basic ideas, but seen from different viewpoints. KMT is IT based and focuses more heavily on the processes – the *explicit* knowledge side of things, probably […]